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Dare Obasanjo

The MyMSN link worked fine for me. You need to be a user of the service to get it to work.

The Yahoo Problem is just Dave Winer slinging FUD as usual because he can't get his way. I almost posted about it until I realized that it would be more productive and take less time to simply send some mail to folks on the IE team and the dev/PM that own RSS feeds for Spaces.

I must be growing soft in my old age.

PS: Your old RSS feed returns 404s. What ever happened to redirects?


Thanks Dare, must try MyMSN again.

Dave - yeah, well, easy to lose a lot of time that way...

My old RSS 1.0 feed should be redirected, my old RSS 2.0 feed shouldn't have been live (messing with plugins for the RSS 1.0, not managing the 2.0, thought it better to do without than just publish junk). Anyhow, better server soon...


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