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Randy Charles Morin

Danny, did you have anything to do with RSS 1.1? This looks more like a forkifying proposal, rather than a unifying proposal.

Christopher Schmidt

Randy: Speaking as one of the developers of the specification, I can assure you that Danny was completely uninvolved.

I am interested in what you think is "forkifying" in this proposal: It was geared entirely towards fixing the issues that have been brought up over the years with RSS 1.0, rather than to fight any other syndication format. Where do you feel it's forkifying from, and to?

Christoph Görn

Hey Danny... were have the rss1/2 enclosure blogs gone?! :) The data from the other blog have not been migrated here?


Randy Charles Morin

It's a new format, it's not like RSS 1.0. If I wrote an RSS 1.1 feed, then how many RSS aggregators do you think will accept it? Very close to zero. So, we all have to write new code to support your fork of RSS.

If it was unifying, then you'd already have support of the RSS advisory board and the RDF working group. Since you did this without their input/knowledge, it's forkifying, not unifying. MHO.

Christopher Schmidt


Support for any changes to RSS 1.0, unfortunately, broke backwards compatibility in most tools. Specifically, as little as changing the namespace would cause almost every tool to not recognize the updated feeds. For this reason, we made ease of implementation differences our primary concern, rather than the (impossible) 100% backwards compatibility.

This Draft specification is created for submission to the RSS-DEV Working Group for ratification once all comments have been received and considered.

It is impossible to get support of the RSS advisory board and RDF working group when no Specification is available. Until a spec is available, it can't be approved or ratified, and since all discussions of these working groups must, according to their charters, be carried out in public, official recognition of the format would not be possible until such a specification was released.

Once a specification is in a non-draft stage, it will be submitted for ratification by the RSS-DEV working group. Until that time, there's really nothing that could be done.

I'll admit that we could have instead gone through the RSS-DEV process for creating a new specification... except that there isn't one, and any creation of a new format receives pretty impressive pushback from the community. This Specification is made available to the community, which can then take it or leave it.

Already, at least two RSS readers have taken it, and I hope that this trend continues. If it doesn't, then it doesn't, and there's no need for official ratification. The Specification is not forcing anyone to change their feeds or aggregators, however, it is available if it is desired.


Christoph - ah, sorry if I've missed something, this TypePad blog is only a stopgap until I migrate to a different server.

Christopher - I don't think Randy's point is quite that easy to dismiss. Heh, yes, changing "as little as the namespace" would break compatibility (and does) because every single term in the vocabulary is defined in that namespace. Changing the namespace changes the whole language in one go.
I'm sure a lot of the bugfixes could have been done without completely breaking back-compatibility. But if the rss-dev group accept it, then it's not a fork. This *should* have been the unifying RSS 2.0 - it's Simple and it's RDF. I'm not sure what good or harm will come from it appearing as 1.1 now.

Randy - I was the last to hear ;-)


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