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Yes, the three buttons comment was priceless. I too wonder, especially in light of a longer version of his post which talked about getting a team together to do sales and giving incentives, etc. that disappeared within 10 minutes of going up.

Dave Winer

FYI, I'm a board member at UserLand. That's what "we" means.

Also, I'm irony-deprived. What does the bit about three radio buttons mean?

To Liz, I decided to take some more time to write that bit. It was a bit of a scramble yesterday, as I explained.

I look forward to reading this blog, and hope it's objective in covering the Echo project. I saw a need, from the beginning, for a weblog. After all, the project is about weblogs, right?


Hi Dave, thanks for the clarification (I'll modify the post accordingly).

I (and I think Liz too) found it noteworthy that you were asking for help in selecting a license when the Creative Commons just has three simple radio buttons and plain English to allow you to choose. The only difficult part would be in deciding what you want - and that's entirely your call. (btw, I suspect Attribution-NoDerivs is probably closer to the intention of the current, so no-one could duplicate the page and e.g. say "unfrozen").

Thanks for the positive words, and I'll certainly try and report objectively (note the references to XML-RPC in the Recent Changes post - this is something I think would be a really bad idea in this context, but I've tried to reflect what's being said).

In my not so humble opinion, the project is about a lot more than just weblogs, though I definitely agree it needs one of its own.


Dave has also stated that he is still a large shareholder in UserLand. Say, in your blogroll you might want to give Dave props for OPML too.

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